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Consulting by professionals is our motto. We value employees who embody and shape our philosophy, allowing us to provide our customers with a top-quality service. What do the people working at INOSOLVE say? Here are a few personal views:

Interview with Dr Christina Piskernik, Senior Consultant @ INOSOLVE

Christina, what made you decide to join INOSOLVE?

During more than 12 years spent in the pharmaceuticals industry, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge. However, at some point I realized that the tasks had become repetitive and I wasn’t learning anything new. Moving to INOSOLVE gave me the opportunity to apply my expertise in other areas. As a specialist in a niche area, you quickly forget what else you’re also capable of.

As a consultant I can draw on everything I know and still keep learning. Above all, it’s the new people and companies I meet that keep my work varied and appealing. I’d put it like this: when I’m consulting on behalf of INOSOLVE at the various companies I can apply my entire know-how, while at the same time I emerge from each project rich in new experiences.

What’s a typical working day for you in your role as consultant?

As a consultant I continually face new situations. I have to cooperate with a wide range of people and learn how they think and operate. Now and again I can help optimize existing procedures, and that’s something I enjoy.

What’s the greatest challenge your job offers? What do you find easy?

In principle, they’re the same thing. In this job I’ve had to learn to adapt quickly to new people and situations and frequently to leave my comfort zone. That’s something that happens all over again with every customer and every project. But it’s also something that gets better with time, and which I now very much enjoy.

What was your best moment with a customer so far and what made you particularly proud?

What makes me particularly proud is being completely accepted as the interim manager and external service provider by the employees in the customer team, even when I haven’t been with them for long. We even managed to set up our own running team for the Business Run in which I took part. I don’t feel as though I’m hidden away in an ivory tower, instead I can make a difference for my customers.

How do you find the corporate culture at INOSOLVE?

There’s an open and equitable atmosphere at the company. I see INOSOLVE as a great example of respect in practice: I’m treated with respect, others see when the things I do work well, and I get positive feedback. My manager fully trusts me to carry out successfully the projects I’ve been assigned. Because of the international nature of the projects which we execute worldwide, my fellow colleagues come from a range of different backgrounds. Although the project work and distances involved mean that we might not see one another very often, I can always count on my colleagues to help when I need support. And it’s very helpful having so many different experts in the team.

What would you say to someone thinking about working at INOSOLVE?

Join us because we’re a fun, open-minded, international team, and the tasks awaiting you are both exciting and challenging!

Dr David Neubauer has also worked as a consultant at INOSOLVE for many years.

What makes INOSOLVE a good place to work for you?

For me there are two key components – the company itself, and my area of responsibility. The corporate culture is also especially important to me. Our cooperation is based on mutual respect and esteem; not just amongst the employees, but also with the boss. Even if I have to jump in at the deep end occasionally, I still feel well supported as part of the team.

We all help one another as much as possible. What I particularly like about the job are the frequent opportunities it offers to tackle new challenges which help me to grow personally. No two projects are the same, and so I never feel I’m stuck in a rut. I’m fascinated by the diversity of customers and organizations I’ve got to know over time. Every customer has a different approach to certain topics, and of course their own corporate culture. And so you quickly learn to understand the connections within the pharma industry.

What was the most exciting task you’ve tackled so far?

The project I most enjoyed working on was a process validation in a company which has just built a large, new facility. This gave us the chance to monitor the validation process right from the beginning, as well as doing important development work.

It was very exciting, and the manufacturing process in particular was very interesting. I’m currently working on an international project; 7 or 8 of us from INOSOLVE are on site and contributing significant expertise to the client company. And despite the occasional language barrier, working in another culture has its own particular attraction. The customer’s employees are extremely motivated and willing to quickly implement our joint decisions. This allows us to make rapid progress.

At INOSOLVE we understand that an effective working relationship begins before the first day on the job.

That’s why we pay particular attention to the onboarding process. Franz Mayerhofer, one of our newcomers, reports:

Franz, how was your start at INOSOLVE?

The decisive reason for coming to INOSOLVE was the chance to work in a close and professional team, at a dynamic company which offers exciting future prospects. I was warmly welcomed by everyone and accepted as an equal partner in the team. INOSOLVE makes every effort to meet the individual needs of its employees.

What aspect of your job have you enjoyed most so far at INOSOLVE? What do you do in your free time?

Meeting new companies and people, learning about new processes, and working on my tasks in the knowledge that, if necessary, I do have access to assistance from the whole team at any time. A good work-life balance is also important to me, and so I spend as much of my free time as possible in the mountains, sailing or playing chess.

Dr Martina Augl is an organizational and knowledge development manager at INOSOLVE.

Martina, you’re not only an organizational developer, but also a singer. Is there a link between singing and organizations?

In the end, a company is just like a music ensemble or an orchestra: each instrument has its own sound and its own particular role. A piece of music can only be played when the individual musicians are capable of listening to each other.

If something is missing, the audience can hear it immediately. That’s why I believe that, in our dynamic industry, it’s particularly important to network our experts, to swap both specialist knowledge as well as experiences, and to ensure we’re up to date for our customers. We know exactly which colleague is best suited to fulfil a particular customer’s needs.

You’re familiar with many organizations. What’s so special about INOSOLVE?

I always say, I love it when I can see that someone loves their job. In the end, that makes the difference between a service that I simply use and one that excites me. At INOSOLVE everyone loves what they do. That’s clear both in the positive interactions and in the excellent references that our customers give us. I also think it’s remarkable that the management understands what it means to grow and is well prepared for the next stages of expansion – as demonstrated by creating my position.

“Our employees are the heart of our company and play an active role in shaping the corporate environment. Our company values, including respect, responsibility and teamwork, make INOSOLVE a good place to work.”

Jan Mach
Global Head of People and Talent Management


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