We are there for you – even in times of crisis

Living in these difficult times, we all have to face huge challenges that come along with the current Corona crisis. This crisis is affecting us in many different ways. Besides health risks, we face a tremendous impact on our economy, shaking every single company, our daily business routines, and likewise the global economy. Many systems are already in state of emergency. Therefore, we have to counter this exceptional situation with continuity, tranquility, and creative solutions in order to get through this crisis as good as possible and to enable a quick return to a new state of sustainable routines afterwards.

On behalf of INOSOLVE, we want to ensure you our support in good times and even more in these very challenging times. We are still able to act, and we are willing to support you throughout the crisis. Thanks to our modern communication tools we are currently working mainly off site but if necessary, we still support you on-site based on your special admission and our compliance to the necessary local safety rules.

Together with our clients we have been able to master many challenging and critical situations in the past. Even if none of us has faced a crisis like this before, we are convinced to be the right partner for you. We were a reliable partner before the crisis and we also want to be your reliable partner during and after the crisis. Therefore, we will be there for you with all our experience, our knowledge, and our personal engagement within this crisis as well. And even more than that: after the crisis we will help you to get back to your daily routines even faster.

As a responsible employer we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that our employees, their surroundings and their beloved ones stay healthy. Our corona task force team is constantly working to meet all the continuously changing local requirements and find appropriate solutions. Wherever possible, we support our customers directly “from our desks”. If on-site presence is necessary to fulfill the tasks, we are there for you - of course compliant to the local safety rules, standards and regulations.

And of course, your personal point of contact is still available for you at any time. We would be very happy to assist you in these challenging times.

When times get hard, we are standing together. Especially now!
And we look forward mastering the way out of the crisis together!


Philipp Hammer-Purgstall
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder




“We apply intelligent and innovative strategies to support your company, helping you overcome a range of challenges to ensure your long-term success. Creativity is the driving force behind everything we do.”

Philipp Hammer-Purgstall
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Unternehmensgründer

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